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SUMMARY The goal of Chapter 11 has been to develop a more complete understanding of energy and its conservation. General Principles Basic Energy Model Energy is transferred to or from the system by work. Energy is transformed within the system. Two versions of the energy equation are K f 1 U f 1D E th 5 K i 1 U i 1 W ext D E sys 5D K U E th 5 W ext Solving Energy Problems MODEL Identify objects in the system. VISUALIZE Draw a before-and-after pictorial representation and an energy bar chart. SOLVE Use the energy equation ASSESS Is the result reasonable? K f 1 U f E th 5 K i 1 U i 1 W ext Law of Conservation of Energy Isolated system: The total energy is conserved. Isolated, nondissipative system: and The mechanical energy is conserved. or K f 1 U f 5 K i 1 U i D E mech 5 0 E mech W diss 5 0. W ext 5 0 D E sys 5 0. E sys 5 E mech 1 E th W ext 5 0. Important Concepts The work-kinetic energy theorem is With for conservative forces and for dissipative forces, this becomes the energy equation.
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