CS 135 Fall 2010

CS 135 Fall 2010 - together to get the desired results No...

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This course is intended for students in any major 1 who need to do analysis and visualization of data. We will use the Python programming language and its large collection of open-source libraries to manipulate and display data from a variety of disciplines (Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Geography, Statistics, etc.) The emphasis will be on finding existing modules and tying them
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Unformatted text preview: together to get the desired results. No previous programming experience is required or expected. This is a LASC QR course. 1 This course is not intended for Computer Science majors and will not count as a required or major elective course for Computer Science majors. CS 135 Programming for Non-CS Majors TR 1:00-2:15pm Dr. Karl R. Wurst http://xkcd.com/353/...
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