Assignment 6

Assignment 6 - Christina Suarez CAS353 CIS 120 (5:30-6:45)...

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Christina Suarez CAS353 CIS 120 (5:30-6:45) CIS 120 Assignment #6 Output Technology ISSUE 1: 1. I don’t believe that printer manufacturers should be responsible for the making of counterfeit money. It is part of their job to be coming out with the latest and top of the line products in their industry and because people abuse that is not their fault. Once the printers they manufactured leave the warehouse it is not their responsibility to find out whose hands the printer falls into. Their warranty covers the printer if it is broken or is a fault from the company. The world today demands the highest quality of products and that is what the company is simply providing. In society today we tend to want to do stuff on our own and rely on the products on the market to achieve that. 2. Companies today can prevent this by putting a restriction on how well they do certain things. Besides that I don’t know much they can do to stop this epidemic. They could quite possibly put a legal statement or warning on the product stating how it is illegal and the consequences of performing those actions. Other than those few suggestions, there is not much a certain company can do to regulate what goes on behind closed doors. 3.
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Assignment 6 - Christina Suarez CAS353 CIS 120 (5:30-6:45)...

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