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MIT Department of Mechanical Engineering 2.25 Advanced Fluid Mechanics Problem 1.13 This problem is from “Advanced Fluid Mechanics Problems” by A.H. Shapiro and A.A. Sonin Accelerometer It is a proposed to use the type of system shown in the sketch as an accelerometer for measuring the horizontal acceleration, a x , and to obtain a x from the formula a x = h b g, (1.13a) where g is the gravitational acceleration.
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Unformatted text preview: • ( a ) Derive the formula used for a x and state all assumptions clearly. Why doesn’t the mass density of the liquid appear in the formula. • ( b ) Under what circumstances would this be a good method of determining a x , and under what con-ditions could it be not so good? Suggest improvements in the device. 2.25 Advanced Fluid Mechanics 1 Copyright c ± 2010, MIT...
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