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2.25 ADVANCED FLUID MECHANICS 3 Inviscid Flow: Euler's Equation of Motion, Bernoulli's Integral, and the Effects of Streamline Curvature 3.1. Euler's equation of inviscid motion: relationship between acceleration (convective and temporal) and pressure. 3.2. Concepts for describing fluid flows: streamlines, particle paths, and streaklines. 3.3. Euler's equation for steady flow expressed in streamline coordinates: the pressure-velocity relation in the streamline direction, and the relation between the pressure variation normal to streamlines and streamline curvature. Bernoulli's integral for steady, incompressible flow. Examples, including some on the effects of streamline curvature. Comments on the nature of "inviscid" flows and the boundary conditions on velocity and
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Unformatted text preview: pressure in such flows. 3.4. Incompressible flow examples involving both the Bernoulli effect and the streamline curvature effect. Lift on airfoils. Boundary conditions on pressure at exit planes. 3.5. Bernoulli's integral for some steady, isentropic, compressible flows: (a) perfect gas and (b) liquid with constant compressibility. Compressible flows in nozzles. Criteria for "incompressible" flow. 3.6. General form of Bernoulli's integral (for unsteady as well as steady flow). Examples: startup transients, Rayleigh bubble oscillations, etc., mainly in incompressible flows. Read: Kundu & Cohen: Chapter 4.16-4.17, Chapter 5.3 Handouts: “ Streamline Coordinates.” By A.A. Sonin...
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