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I have joined the volunteer club at the Saviour of the World Chinese Catholic Church. The volunteer opportunities and charity events give me the chance to understand the needs of the community and the importance to make a contribution. Volunteer opportunities also enable me to attain practical experience and teamwork skills. As the current member of the volunteer club of the church, I have regularly worked with organizations such as the Yee Hong Paediatric Center and Mississauga Board of Chinese Professional and Business. In charity events such as the Charity Phoenix Ball (CPB); I helped promoting volunteer opportunities to students and organizing the volunteer screening process. Moreover, I gained socializing experience through dealing with inquiries from the guests and the public regarding the event and the organization. By participate in the monthly visit program to the Yee Hong Paediatric Center; I have grasped the idea of the needs of people from different social status. Empathy is a quality of a leader; by understanding others’
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Unformatted text preview: hardship and situation, a leader will be able to plan the most effective strategy to help his/her followers. I am currently a Cheerleader at my school. In every practise and performance, I have learnt the importance of working well in a team-setting. Working with other team members takes a great deal of hard work responsibilities and compromise. I have developed leadership skills through maintaining a positive environment in the team, establishing roles and leading team interaction since effective teamwork can produce incredible results. Participating in a sport team enhances my ability to manage my time and schedule between performance, competition and schoolwork. Rotmans reputation in the education of Canadians highly distinguished. Rotman can offer me opportunities to experience a community environment where I become a fulfilling and active participant in the shaping of my education ....
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