CHEM 123 syllabus09

CHEM 123 syllabus09 - Chemistry & Biochemistry 123;...

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Chemistry & Biochemistry 123; Environmental Chemistry Spring 2009 Dr John Perona, Instructor; TR 9:30-10:45 AM, Phelps 3515 Required Text nd edition (2003) – Chemistry of the Environment (Available as a reader at the UCSB Bookstore) Supplementary materials : Required : General chemistry text; all posted articles Office Hours : Wed 10:30 – 12:00, Chemistry 1142C [Wed 2:00 – 3:30 on April 1] Teaching Assistant : Tetsuya Kawamura, Chemistry 1126 Grading : Midterm exam (20%) Final exam (cumulative) (40%) Problem Sets 1-4 (40%; 10% each) (Course credit requires on-time completion of all problem sets) I. CLIMATE CHANGE AND CARBON CYCLE Tues March 31 Introduction to Environmental Chemistry. Biogeochemical evolution of the Earth . -Text, Section 13.2 -Salzman & Thompson, Environmental Law and Policy , (2003), p. 11-23 [EnvironPolicy 11-23.pdf] - The Santa Barbara Oil Spill, A Retrospective . Dept. of Geography, UCSB [SBoilspill.pdf] -Chap 2: Biological Inorganic Chemistry, Bertini et al., eds. (2007), sections II.1, II.2 [Bioinorganic_Chapter2.pdf] -Tutorial I on Cell Biology etc: Biological Inorganic Chemistry, sections T.I.1, T.I.2 [Bioinorganic_TutorialI.pdf] Thurs April 2 Physical characteristics of the atmosphere. Blackbody radiation. -Text Section 8.1
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CHEM 123 syllabus09 - Chemistry & Biochemistry 123;...

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