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Guidelines for Graded Assignment ASSESSMENT CRITERIA Overall marks to grade conversion Please note that this is a general description of the marks to grade conversion. After your teacher gives you a grade, it is reviewed by an examination panel. So the grade you receive may not be exactly as calculated through the points system in this document. 100-91=A; 90-80=A-; 79-76=B+; 75-72=B; 71-68=B-; 67-64=C+; 63-60=C; 59-56=C-; 55-53=D+; 52-50 =D; 0-49 = F In deciding your final grade, attendance, active and enthusiastic participation in class, completion of any assigned reading or preparation tasks, handing in homework assignments on time, and being fully prepared for class and interaction with peers and teacher will be considered. Contribution to class discussions and providing feedback after group discussions will also be rewarded. Assignment #1: Three-Minute Informal Presentation (10%) Objectives The purpose of this assignment is: -to give you an opportunity to develop and improve your confidence in speaking. -to give you a chance to use a wide range of grammatically correct sentence structures. -to enable you to know your classmate better, and -to build up confidence in speaking in front of class by doing an informal presentation. Task: In week 6, you will be asked to pair up with another student in class. You will interview this classmate to ask him/ her about the following three aspects. -childhood/ family life -school life -how university has changed his/ her life Using the information you have gathered, you will prepare a 3 minute informal talk about the student you have interviewed to be presented to the class. You CANNOT bring prepared notes with you, but instead will be asked to chat to the class. Assessment:
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1106_Assignment_Assessment_Guidelines_2007P - ELT1106...

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