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CB2_3_4_countability_SV agreement_articles_ANS_2007 - ELTU...

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ELTU/ CEF / prepared by Olive Cheung, Sept 2007 Part II—Articles Exercise 1: (Ex. 28.1, Longman Advanced Learner’s Grammar) A. Read the story and fill in the gaps with the correct article: a/ an, the or X (no article). For one gap you will need a possessive pronoun. I first experienced terror when I was seven. My mother lived in London, but after a brief liaison with (1) a soldier from the United States she became pregnant and fled to (2) the country. (At that time, fifty years ago, it was considered shameful to be a single parent.) A great aunt of hers lived in (3) a cottage in (4) X North Wales, and there she was able to bring me up in (5) X peace, pretending that she was a widow. (6) The locals were all very friendly to us and accepted us without question, and I had (7) a blissful childhood. One day I arrived home from (8) X school to find my mother clutching (9) a telegram, in floods of tears. (10) The telegram informed her that her father—my grandfather—had died. His funeral would be in three days and we had to go to London. I had never been outside (11) the village and I was really excited at the thought of going to ( 12) the capital city. So, two days later, we boarded a train to London. It was (13) the first time I had been on a train and I could barely contain (14) the excitement of such an adventure. Several hours later we arrived. I clutched my mother’s hand as we stepped down from (15) the train. (16) The station was full of people rushing home from (17) X work and it was quite dark. Now (18) X fear was starting to creep into my mind. Then, suddenly, we were in (19) the/ a street outside the station. I had never seen so many people, buses and cars, nor heard so much noise. I was terrified. I opened (20) my mouth and the wail that I let escape was one of (21) X sheer terror. B. Complete these short sentences with an appropriate article: a/ an, the or X (no article).
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CB2_3_4_countability_SV agreement_articles_ANS_2007 - ELTU...

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