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CEF_Gerunds and Infinitives_2007_Ans

CEF_Gerunds and Infinitives_2007_Ans - ELTU CEF prepared by...

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ELTU/ CEF prepared by Olive Cheung, Jan 2007 Tricia works as a diploma for the Irish government. She had lived in many foreign countries and enjoys her work very much. Her husband, Jim, has always travelled with her, but now he’s getting tired of travelling. Tricia has just been offered a new post overseas. Use the verbs to complete what Tricia and Jim say. Tricia Jim Verb I really enjoy ____________. travelling I’d prefer not ____________ anymore. to travel travel There are still many places I’d love ____________. to see I just don’t feel like ____________ any more new places. seeing see I love ____________ home in different places. setting up I really don’t intend ____________ home in any more countries. to set up set up I know I’d hate always ____________ in the same place. being I just like ____________ in one place from now on. to be be I’d miss ____________ different ways of life. experiencing I want ____________ more about life in Ireland. to experience experience. I hope ____________ a lot of money. to earn I don’t mind not ____________ a lot of money. earning earn I couldn’t stand not ____________ anywhere ever again. going I can’t promise ____________ with Tricia if she takes this job. to go go I can’t imagine myself ____________ in one place for too long. staying I aim ____________ in one place, at least for a while. to stay stay I’ve suggested ____________ apart for a while. living I’ve decided ____________ apart from Tricia if she wants to travel more. to live live Revision Exercise 2: INTERVIEW 1. The journalist appreciated _____ the mayor.
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