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Unformatted text preview: Gerunds and Infinitives Gerunds - Choose 1 verb from each group. Choose - Make 1 sentence with that verb followed by another Make verb complementation (in any form you feel suitable) verb Group 1 Want/ Decide/ Agree/ Choose Group 2 Detest/ Enjoy/ Finish/ Miss Group 3 Know/ Believe/ Think/ Wonder Know/ Group 1 Want/ Decide/ Agree/ Choose -express future possibilities -an action in the future e.g. He wants to change her mind. e.g. Group 2 Detest/ Enjoy/ Finish/ Miss -express the established state of actions e.g. I miss walking in the forest. Group 3 Know/ Believe/ Think/ Wonder Know/ -indicate mental states -indicate -the finite complements represents thoughts -the or propositions or e.g. John knew that Mary was lying to him. What’s the difference? What’s He forgot to take the medicine. He forgot taking the medicine. Some clearer cases… Some You must remember to pay the bills. You must remember paying the bills. He stopped to buy magazines. He stopped buying magazines. We regret to say this. We regret saying that. Commitment Verbs--infinitive Commitment demand/ tell consent/ decline/ offer decide/ allow/ order/ convince command/ persuade/ permit 1. express commitment to future actions 2. act of commitment happens BEFORE 2. action to be (or not to be) performed. action Self-directed: commitment verb + to-verb commitment e.g. I decide to leave my husband. e.g. She offers to drive the car. Other-directed: -commitment verb + NP + to-verb e.g. The teacher told him to stay behind. e.g. The doctor convinced him to try the e.g. treatment. treatment. -commitment verb + for NP + to-verb e.g. We arranged for him to leave at once. e.g. She longed for her boyfriend to return. Aspectual Verbs Aspectual We started working just after dawn. We stopped working around noon. Then we continued working after lunch. (esp. after phrasal verbs) Sensory Perception Verbs Sensory see/ hear/ feel… can take bare-infinitive or gerund. e.g. I saw you blink. e.g. I saw you blinking. e.g. She saw him trip over the log. Seconds trip later she heard him cursing. cursing e.g. e.g. In the dream she saw herself falling. falling Then suddenly she felt herself jerk awake. awake Try this: Try Peter denied ______(go) to the party. Peter refused ______(go) to the party. ...
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