Myself vs By myself

Myself vs By myself - e.g"I didn't know if I could...

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Dear all, A student asked about the diffierence between "myself" and "by myself". In English, many similar looking expressions may convey different meanings. If you say something like "I did it myself", you are emphasizing that you did it, rather than anybody else. e.g. "Where did you get that embroidery?" "I made it myself" If you are by yourself, you are alone. e.g. "A dark-haired man sit by himself in the corner." If you do something by yourself, you succeed in doing it without anybody helping you.
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Unformatted text preview: e.g. "I didn't know if I could raise a child by myself" Another example is the difference between "helping someone + to do something" and "helping someone + by doing something". "Can you help me to move this table" means "Can you move this table together with me?" (i.e. the listener moves the table together with the speaker) "Can you help me by moving this table" means "Can you move this table for me?" (i.e.the listener moves the table himself, as help offered to the speaker.) Regards, Olive...
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