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CS 44 - ================ Discuss the waterfall software...

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Question 1 (10 marks): ================ Consider the following program fragment: read(x); read(y); if x > 0 or y 0 then write (“1”); else write(“2”); end if; if y > 0 then write(“3”); else write(“4”); end if; Discuss how to generate test cases using the statement-coverage criterion and provide a test set T that cove rs all statements. Statement coverage criterion selects a test set T such that by executing P for each d in T, each elementary statement of P is executed at least once. Then we using I1,I2,W1,W2,W3 and W4 to denote first and second statements. Let Di denote the class of input values that cause execution of Wi, for i= 1,…4. Clearly, D1={x>0}, D2={x<=0},D3={y>0}, D4={y<=0}. Thus, if a representative is chosen from each of the classes, we are guaranteed that all of W1,W2,W3,W4 are executed at least once. Therefore, we might choose the test set: {<x=3, y=5>, <x= -8,y= 13>, <x= 100, y=20>, <x=-1, y=-1>} Question 2 (10 marks):
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Unformatted text preview: ================ Discuss the waterfall software life cycle model in light of the principle of separation of concerns. The waterfall life cycle model, which states that the phases are organized in a linear order. The basic idea behind the phases is separation of concerns. Each phases deals with a distinct and separate set of concerns. By doing this, the large and complex task of building of software is broken into smaller task of specifying requirements. Waterfall is a kind of software life cycle model, which separating the concerns and focusing on a select few in a phase give a better handle to engineers and managers in dealing with the complexity of the problem. Question 3 (30 marks): ================ Outline a Unified Software Development Process cycle to develop an application automating a hotel reception desk that deals with incoming reservations, check-ins, and checkouts. Provide a UML class diagram, use-case diagram, and sequence diagram....
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