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Christina Suarez CAS353 October 24, 2007 Assignment #7 1. a. October 1- This press release was stating that the Grand Hyatt San Francisco at Union Square on Stockton Street will now be opening an enrollment center. It also said that the Grand Hyatt is the third Hyatt to open enrollment centers for the Clear card. You can use the card at select airports including JFK, San Jose Airport, San Francisco Airport, Orlando Airport to name a few. It stated that there is an annual fee of about a hundred dollars and requires your very personal information along with your fingerprint and iris scan. b. October 17- Clear announced today that it is opening their lanes in the international terminal at San Francisco Airport (SFO). This completes the launch of Clear in SFO. This program allows anyone on any flight to use Clear card. Clear founder said that 6,000 travelers have signed up for Clear in San Francisco in a span of two months since the program opened. Clear has now passed the total of 70,000 sign-ups
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