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Assignment 8 - Firefox and it is just easier to use what...

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Christina Suarez CAS353 Assignment #8- Open Source Software 1. Firefox is different because it is faster, more secure, and its display is different. Mozilla doesn’t allow as many pop-ups as Explorer does. I prefer to use Firefox because I can customize it easier and it is easier to navigate. I also think that the display is better. 2. People tend not to use them because it is not well known and it is easier to hack. Also many computers come with Windows Explorer and not Firefox. You have to download
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Unformatted text preview: Firefox and it is just easier to use what you have. 3. McAfee is worried because the hackers are using the same techniques as open source software to remotely control infected computer. 4. I think that the information technology community should invest time and money into finding a solution to the problem. I don’t know what I could do to fix it....
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