Family and Natural Resources Paper

Family and Natural Resources Paper - William Byun Beverly...

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Beverly Hills High School Oil Well William Byun Monday Section Family Experience and Natural Resources Paper Being born into a Korean family in Brazil and then moving to the United States at the age of seven, natural resources have been an enormous factor in the historical and current situation and location of my family. Our family’s relationship with natural resources has influenced not only our current physical being, but also our culture and class. Socially and economically, natural resources have given most people a means of living although the way one handles the natural resources is what differentiates who becomes more successful than others. As producers of natural resources and consumers of what those raw materials become, it has become our responsibility to maintain a healthy balance between using and preserving. On the most part, my family agrees on our feelings, ideas, and ethical positions about the environmental and social costs and benefits associated with different uses of natural resources. Different factors in different locations have influenced the way my family has migrated from Korea to Brazil to the United States. All the way from the beginning of our family history, my ancestors lived in Korea happily for hundreds of years. During the most recent years of my family history, my grandparents moved from Korea to Brazil in an economical choice as work had been available to my grandfather in Brazil. The natural resources were more available in
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Family and Natural Resources Paper - William Byun Beverly...

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