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Weekly Reflection 11 China Men

Weekly Reflection 11 China Men - the big commitment to...

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William Byun Book Weekly Reflection 11 Monday Section China Men Maxine Hong Kingston’s China Men is all about her own Chinese ancestors and how their Chinese identity upon arriving in America creates ultimately, her own sense of identity. The stories in which Kingston tells of her ancestors are filled with confusion because of the lack of details but she makes it clear in how she wants to depict her ancestors. By writing about her ancestors, particularly about her father, and their relationship to the new American society and how their identities influence their pursuing of socioeconomic goals, Kingston writes about her identity and by writing about it, she explores her own identity. In the chapter “The Father from China”, Kingston writes about her father and how he tries to fit into the new American society. Bibi or Ed, her father, worked as a school teacher in a village back in China and always dreamed of moving to the “Gold Mountain”. He finally made
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Unformatted text preview: the big commitment to immigrate to America in hopes of wealth and fame. Eventually, in his time in living in America, he begins to become westernized: he wears expensive suits and begins to have professional haircuts. He dances with women in dance halls and eventually even tells his wife to get a science degree from a western university. In many aspects of his life, Ed is incorporated into American society. However, despite his being able to be somewhat incorporated into American society, he is discriminated against in many ways. He is terrorized by “demons” who come from behind and steal his hat and stomp on them. The fact that he is discriminated against leads to the thinking that he is also kept away from jobs that white men and women compete for, which may be an explanation as to why he works at a Laundromat. This blatant act of discrimination creates barriers to pursuing socioeconomic goals....
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Weekly Reflection 11 China Men - the big commitment to...

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