Psych 083109 - Psych 08/31/09 Classical Psychology 500 BC...

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Classical Psychology 500 BC to 300 BC -Europe : Plato, Aristotle -China : Taoism, Confucianism -India : Vedanta, Sankhya, Buddhism Science started in the west, not in China. A classical puzzle. In the 1600, science really got going, until 1914, in World War I. After that, science has been faltering blah blah. Aristotle - A biological way of looking at the world Spent huge sums of his own money for research in biology. Very well connected. Focus on human psychology was to see man as a simple biological thing/animal. He influenced very much Thomas Aquinas. He was a great biologist. If the world contradicted logic, so much worse for the world. Proof would make things not true, rather than proof making things true. HE HAS THE BIOLOGICAL WAY OF LOOKING AT HUMAN BEINGS. We are basically animals but we have something higher that allows us to think. Plato - A metaphysical way Sankhya dealt with consciousness in a very modern way. Notion of material processes goes up much higher. ENLIGHTENMENT TO THE GREAT WAR 1600 to 1914 Some general features: - Science is “Natural Philosophy” -Consciousness central Galileo brought in skepticism. Bring in lots of sources of information. Logic, observation, skepticism, introspection, direct experience what does it feel like etc… 1600 - Many people were getting put to the stake for differences in philosophy and theological distinctions. Europe got exhausted with this. Erasmus: “Live and let live” Renee Descartes *Nature/nurture: Nativism/Empiricism Mental activity for EMPIRICISM is - learned -learning is passive (movie screen analogy) “sense impressions” The universe has a structure. Our cognition is the result of that structure im pressed on us. Ultimately derives from the passive capacity of the mind to receive impressions. -organized bottom-up Representative transformation LOOK AT FIGURE 1.2’ photosynthesis Around 1914 Einstein said that you were prevented from understanding WHY. Prediction and control, instead of understanding. Psych 08/31/09 Section
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Psych 083109 - Psych 08/31/09 Classical Psychology 500 BC...

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