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William Byun A Clockwork Orange Essay - William Byun...

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William Byun 11/01/2009 English 1A A Clockwork Оранжевый (A-ran-zhi-viy) In A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess, protagonist Alex and his "droogs" use a confusing meshed language of English, Russian, and imaginary words that functions as more than just a way to tell the story. Within Alex's violent acts and the government's operations, the language used throughout the book is critical in understanding what Burgess wants to get across to readers. The language is measured by both the violence and maturity that Alex goes through. Ultimately, the simple function of telling the story becomes multifaceted with the way Burgess uses language and that can be seen in two significant ways: the first is internal, important to the violence within the story and to the growth of Alex and the second is extrinsic, the author giving his viewpoint on the themes introduced in the novel. Burgess’ use of the nadsat language is essential to A Clockwork Orange and the life of Alex. Alex’s strange style of speaking immediately sets the stage in the first few pages for what occurs throughout the rest of the novel. The skewed language is so bizarre and hard to understand that it is a parallel to the wacky occurrences and unexplained violence that ensues along the storyline. And although it may be hard for readers to understand exactly what is going on, Burgess makes it obvious enough through Alex’s narration of what is physically occurring. The violence coming from Alex and his group cannot be understood but readers can see that they are committing the crimes. Eventually, the slang-filled language becomes familiar to readers. This growing comprehension of Alex’s style of speaking also parallels Alex’s growth away from violence, and
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towards maturity. As readers finally become comfortable with nadsat, Alex begins to outgrow his violent youth. An example that shows that Alex’s use of his slang is related to the violence is in the middle section of the novel, when Alex is in jail under government control where he can no longer partake in violent actions without being punished and is forcefully taught to speak
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William Byun A Clockwork Orange Essay - William Byun...

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