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William Byun English 1a Tues,Thurs. 09/27/2009 The Metamorphosis of an Imitation In Franz Kafka’s pioneering novel The Metamorphosis , Kafka generated unexplained horror, shock, and mystery that no other author before him had created. He left so much out that it leaves readers to decide on their own the explanation of what occurs, which can vary greatly depending on each person’s history and views aligned with the themes generated in the story. Because the storyline is so naturally creative, it is effortless to think that the novel is a creation of reality where a new world of reasoning is built upon the idea that humans can turn into bugs overnight. But the truth in his narration was not to create a new world of reality but rather to imitate reality in such an abstract, and even humorous, manner that allows readers to visualize and experience the isolation and pain that the protagonist Gregor Samsa went through. Franz Kafka’s efforts in the imitation of reality may perhaps be an ironic elucidation of his own secluded life . As soon as the novel begins, Gregor is already changing into an unidentified vermin without an introduction of Gregor’s background of who he is. This beginning alone sets The Metamorphosis apart from previous mystery novels by other authors. In most other literature, the transformation of the main character is usually the climax somewhere in the middle of the storyline. However, the mystery begins as soon as the reader sets his eyes on the first few sentences. The protagonist’s transformation is put upon the readers very quickly and the readers must deal with what goes on from then. Questions that would arise from the lack of background information of who the protagonist is or what happened to him are immediately forgotten as
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Gregor is seen worrying about his job acting rather nonchalantly about the fact that he has several thin legs, a large, round body, and an inability to control his body. This is all strangely comedic. Kafka creates humor within all of this ambiguity and shock that further deepen s the
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Metamorphosis Essay - William Byun English 1a Tues,Thurs...

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