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William Byun November 15, 2009 The Abu Ghraib Series: Fernando Botero’s Try at Violence My initial reaction from reading about what Fernando Botero portrays in his Abu Ghraib Series was of interest in the seriousness of the problem that Botero tries to make public to the world. I had already read about the atrocities that occurred at the Abu Ghraib prison and had my own idea of what the prison looked like, without ever looking at pictures of the situation. My expectation for Botero’s paintings was very high, and I was looking forward to his interpretation of the violence especially because he seemed so affected by the article. Unfortunately, I was disappointed at how his paintings were composed and felt no real connection to Botero’s own idea of the appalling problem. The men in the paintings were drawn in a very cartoonish manner, where the people look bloated and not realistic. The unrealistic portrayal of the men took away the seriousness that I
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Unformatted text preview: expected to feel from his paintings. The idea behind the scenes depicted are very harsh, but the feel that it was like a cartoon made it seem like any other adult-rated cartoon that is played on television, more specifically, the brutally comedic show Robot Chicken . He failed at making sure the viewer, me, is moved by the violence and is in turn more aware of and concerned about the cruelty within prisons. Very much unlike Tolstoy who believed that the artist’s viewpoint should “infect spectators or auditors” in order for it to be considered art, I undoubtedly believe that Botero’s paintings are art, despite how his paintings make me feel. I have respect for his artistry but his attempt at depicting the severity of the brutality within Abu Ghraib’s walls are certainly not as powerful as his initial intentions....
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