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Lab 1 Methods - 6 with 2-propanol The exact precise amount...

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Methods Safety goggles, six small test tubes, two 25 mL burets, 600 mL beaker (for waste). One buret was rinsed with 95% 2-propanol solution twice and then with the SPF 8 solution. It was then filled with the SPF 8 solution. The other buret was rinsed with the 2-propanol twice and filled with 2-propanol. The six test tubes were also rinsed out with 2-propanol and labeled from 1 to 6. The test tubes were filled with the SPF 8 solution and were diluted in increasing order from 1 to
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Unformatted text preview: 6 with 2-propanol. The exact precise amount of each solution was recorded. Each of these samples was run through a spectrometer and the absorptions were recorded. The extinction coefficients of sunscreen products can be found with spectroscopy because spectroscopy shows the absorption of light by the sunscreens....
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