Extra Credit Case Study - Land Fill

Extra Credit Case Study - Land Fill - Case Study Extra...

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Case Study Extra Credit Analytical Chemistry The attached diagram shows a general layout used for TWO different landfills that are geographically close to each other so that they have very similar topography and ground composition. Hazardous materials (mostly “heavy” metal salts and organic solids that entrapped PCB’s) have been placed in both of these sites. Consequently, their design is identical. The structural design features include a variety of approaches to resist movement of the contaminants into the surrounding areas. These include the fact that both have a reasonably impervious barrier liner along the bottom and part of the sides. They also have used a trench along part of both sites to act as a barrier and a wall along another section; both thought to best take advantage of the land’s features. Finally, before being placed in the landfills, all metals must be in the form of the iodide or hydroxide (whichever is least soluble in water for that metal). Monitoring wells were constructed at the numbered locations. In these wells, instruments have been placed for continuous detection of any significant changes in the land’s pH or chloride composition. The pH is thought to be a good parameter to check because both the iodides and hydroxides are less soluble at a pH above 5.5. The solids containing the PCB’s have high chlorine content and that chloride level is a check on any possible degradation of these solids, which might make release of the PCB’s possible. In addition, samples are periodically collected from these wells for specific quantitative analysis at a nearby laboratory. During the first year of operation, nothing outside the normal background level of chloride was detected and no pH lower than 5.5 was recorded by the instruments at any of the wells at either landfill. During that
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Extra Credit Case Study - Land Fill - Case Study Extra...

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