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CS585 – Database Systems – Fall 2007 Professor Dennis McLeod Assignment 2 Due: October 25, 2007 In this assignment, you will have the opportunity to explore the relationship between CIOM and the relational database model as well as gain experience with SQL. Part 1: Relational Database Design (30 points) In the first part of this assignment, you are to design a conceptual schema in the basic relational database model, corresponding to the below CIOM conceptual schema. Note that in the CIOM conceptual schema diagram below, attribute and inverse pairs are indicated by placing the arrows physically close together. In your design, specify primary keys for each of your tables, domains for each of your attributes, and indicate all reasonable referential integrity constraints. In addition, describe what semantic information you lost in the mapping. Explicitly state any assumptions you make.
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Part 2: MySQL: Create Database (30 points) In the second part of this assignment, you will convert the relational database from part 1 into tables and then store the tables in MySQL. Go through the queries in part 3 and make reasonable assumptions regarding attributes. Also make sure that you have populated sufficient data into the database in order to test your queries. This means that each of the
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Assignment2_f07 - CS585 Database Systems Fall 2007...

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