Orentation workshop DQ2 - forum are in the Chat Room Course...

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Part One 1. Describe the process of threading. Why is threading important in the Online Learning System (OLS)? Threading is important in the OLS because it is the way we as students respond to discussion questions and get our participation. 2. What might happen if you post messages or assignments in the wrong forum? The instructor might not see it in the wrong forum and you may not get credit for doing the assignment, that is why you need to be careful when replying to a thread and posting assignments. Part Two Use the table to describe the function and purpose of the following forums: Course Forums Function and Purpose Main Discussion and participation Chat Room Off topic discussion that are unrelated to the
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Unformatted text preview: forum are in the Chat Room Course Materials Any materials that are needed for the course that are not already under the original materials tab the instructor will put here under the course materials. Individual This is where we can communicate with the facilitator. Part Three 1. In which forum do you post substantive messages to earn participation credit? In the Main Forum. 2. What is the participation requirement? Participation requirement is where a student had to participate in discussions and or other materials discussed as part as his/her grade. 3. What does substantive mean in regards to participation? Substantive means required....
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Orentation workshop DQ2 - forum are in the Chat Room Course...

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