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GEN 105 Week 2 CP Online Research

GEN 105 Week 2 CP Online Research - up to date Using...

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Online Research Page 1 The University of Phoenix library provides access to multiple databases with a single search. This tool is different from traditional library research for multiple reasons. Time and availability is a major concern. A main reason is convince, having immediate access to information at my finger tips. Another difference is the quality of information. Using the University of Phoenix library, I know that I have reputable references. In addition, the University of Phoenix library offers peer reviews. Peer reviews are useful by giving a general summary of the material. Using a traditional library or regular online research outside of the University library may give information that is not trustworthy or
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Unformatted text preview: up to date. Using information that does not accurate or up to date may give false information. My personal approach to conducting academic web searches will be choosing accredited sources to make sure that the information I receive and use is accurate. Websites reputation will be considered in choosing where I research. Sources such as Wikipedia and blogs are not trustworthy therefore they should only be used sporadically and acknowledging that they give limited information. With that being said, sources ending in edu, org, and gov are reliable sources....
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