GEN 105 Proper Tone - participation replies can be relaxed...

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Using the Proper Tone Page 1 GEN/105 Exercise: Using the Proper Tone Using the Proper Tone Page 2
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When conversing online, it is imperative to use the proper netiquette. Online conversations are faced with obstacles that face-to-face interactions are not. In person, one can easily convey tone with facial expressions, pitch, and hand gestures. These characteristics can carefully be adjusted with font and slang. Different writing styles and tones should range with one’s audience, keeping in mind the appropriate language. When addressing one’s instructor, writing style should be direct and informative while conveying a respectful, professional tone. Conversing with peers is different than with instructors. Discussions and
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Unformatted text preview: participation replies can be relaxed while still upholding receptiveness. One would want to convey their message, but at the same time invite other students to join in the conversation. Friends and family normally know one’s personality, therefore when conversing; one’s tone does not need to be formal. Conversations can consist of slang, emoticons, and range in color and fonts. All in all, written conversations, rather than verbal communication, give the opportunity to think twice about what one wants to say. One can double check their response before posting. This can insure that their “netiquette” is non-confrontational, understandable, and appropriate for their target audience....
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GEN 105 Proper Tone - participation replies can be relaxed...

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