Gen 105 Communicating in Forums

Gen 105 Communicating in Forums - read the paper or...

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Communicating in Forums Page 1 Anthony, I personally did not take offense to your Discussion Question response, but can see where someone might. It’s important to use inclusive language when communicating in class forums to let everyone in the class as a whole feel involved. When you wrote “ I recommend that any man who wants to advance in the business world should seriously consider brushing up on his etiquette,” it was written directing towards men, where you left out the women in the class. Women are just as equal in the business world in this day and age. Another thing in your paper that someone might take offensive is when you said good old boys.” This is a slang term that you might not want to use in class forums. In the future write to the class as a whole, and not either to the women or men. Also, re-
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Unformatted text preview: read the paper or discussion question before you turn in your work. It helps me to read it out loud to make sure my tone is correct and the message I am trying to convey is correct. Another thing you can do is ask someone to read it before you turn it in. That way you can get another persons point of view before letting the whole class see it. To avoid mistakes you can submit your paper through the WritePoint system. You can also proofread it and try not to use words specifying gender, like man or woman. Instead use words that speak to the class as a whole. Unless you are replying to a specific person in the class then you can use words like he or she. Communicating in Forums Page 2 To help avoid mistakes you can use the spell checker also. I hope this helps you in participating in further class forums. GEN/105...
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Gen 105 Communicating in Forums - read the paper or...

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