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GEN/105 Checkpoint: Elevator Speech A letter to a friend Hey xxx, I know I told you that I was going back to school, but I wanted to explain better how the online courses work. You see I go to our online classroom which we have different forums. The first forum is the main forum in which the professor puts the discussion questions and we respond through threaded discussion. With this we respond to the posted question and give our feedback on the question asked. Since the whole class and the professor are all in different states and time zones this is very interesting seeing my peers’ feedback and how the responses differ. We respond to each other with asynchronous communication . Because we are not all online at the same time, we
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Unformatted text preview: can post our feedback on the forum and go back to see what my peers’ responses were and respond back to them accordingly. It is really cool because I never have to leave my living room and can go to class in my pajamas if I want. All while earning my degree. That is so sweet!! Then we have assignments due and we have an entire section for this in which we can post our assignments to the professor which he/she can grade them and give us feedback on them. We also have an online library, where all the information we need is right at our fingertips. How cool is that? There are many benefits to online courses and distance learning. You should check it out sometime. Love, dddd...
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