GEn105 Time Management Skills

GEn105 Time Management Skills - Running head: TIME...

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Unformatted text preview: Running head: TIME MANAGEMENT SKILLS 1 Time Management Skills GEN/105 TIME MANAGEMENT SKILLS 2 Time Management Skills Time management is an important skill to master. Time is wasted on a daily basis by not prioritizing. Time management skills and being organized go hand in hand. Prioritization is very important, first you need to know exactly what needs to be done for that day, write them down and put them in order of priority, starting with most important to least important. That way if you do not finish everything that you need to do that day, you have at least finished the most important things first. When a person does this it can reduce stress and give them a sense of accomplishment once their priorities are done. My support group is made up of my boyfriend, my daughter, my mother and my aunt. All of them are important in different ways. My boyfriend lives with me and helps me on a daily basis with my daughter and chores around the house, he also helps me stay organized by making...
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GEn105 Time Management Skills - Running head: TIME...

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