GEN105 ReadingAndComprehension

GEN105 ReadingAndComprehension - distractions and to take...

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Running head: READING AND COMPREHENSION 1 Reading and Comprehension GEN 105
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READING AND COMPREHENSION 2 Reading and Comprehension The 8 Secrets to a Knockout Business Presentation: Dig Deep - Go past the typical search engine scan. Avoid Info Overload – Remove interesting but irrelevant words. Practice Delivery - Remove distractions and pay close attention to body language. Forget Comedy – Leave your jokes at home. Pick Powerful Props – Use simple props to demonstrate the point. Minimize You – Make the audience the main character. Speak the Language – Explain terms and acronyms. Simple Slides – Use slides to highlight or emphasize the main points, but do not rely on it to run the show. After taking the reading speed test, I found out that I read at 555 words per minute. This may have been because I had already read the article when I was looking for answers in my discussion question. I approached the article with an open mind, wanting to learn as much as possible. My approach to reading the selection was to seclude myself from
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Unformatted text preview: distractions and to take to test right after breakfast, when my body was nourished and awake. I minimized distractions by going to bed earlier than normal so I could have a good nights rest and waking up earlier so my five-year-old daughter would still be asleep, thus removing her as a distraction. Also to remove distractions, I also kept the television and my cell phone off. READING AND COMPREHENSION 3 The reading purpose that I employed was reading for understanding. Not only did I want to read the passage at a fast rate, but I wanted to understand exactly what it was saying, which I found very interesting. I did become emotionally involved in the passage because it concerns people just like me, not your typical college student who enters right out of high school, but the non-traditional student. I did not have the look up any new vocabulary term in this passage....
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GEN105 ReadingAndComprehension - distractions and to take...

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