gen105 Multiple Intelligences

gen105 Multiple Intelligences - along with just about...

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GEN 105 Checkpoint: Multiple Intelligences After taking a few tests off the Internet that measure different intelligences, I have come to the conclusion that my strongest intelligence is a social, or interpersonal, intelligence. The first website that I found, , describes Interpersonal Intelligence. My summary of this would be the ability to interact and understand others. We also can affect others by understanding them. Another website that I found, communication/interpersonal-intelligence.shtml , reinforced what I thought about my intelligence. Basically it states that a person with high interpersonal intelligence knows how to get along with others and brings out the best in people. I know that I can get
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Unformatted text preview: along with just about anybody because I see the best in people and know how to speak to them, no matter where they are from, which race the are or ethnic background they belong to. The last website that I came across, , both reinforced and contradicted things about me. It stated some common characteristics about people with high interpersonal intelligence, which included: liking to counsel others, having many friends, being empathetic, etc., does reinforce the way that I am. The website also had career matches, such as: Counselor, child-care, coach, and manager. These career matches are contradictory with the exception on counselor and manager, to my personality. I do not want to be in the child-care or coach field....
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gen105 Multiple Intelligences - along with just about...

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