Ethics and discrimination eth125(final)

Ethics and discrimination eth125(final) - Running head:...

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Running head: ETHIC GROUPS AND DISCRIMINATION 1 Ethic Groups and Discrimination ETH/125
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ETHIC GROUPS AND DISCRIMINATION 2 Ethic Groups and Discrimination Mexicans were conquered and colonized in the 19th century and used as a cheap labor in many areas of the anglo-dominated economy in the southwest (Santos, July). Since the early 1900’s the Mexican experience has been shaped by immigration, which can be explained by the conditions in Mexico. Which include the varying ability to find jobs there, and if they are found they are very low-paying. XX Century Mexican immigrants entered a social system in which a colonized status for the group had already been established (Santos, July). Mexicans faced prejudice and racism. They were, and still are, commonly called “wet backs.” This was a prejudice term used by racist people meaning their backs were wet from swimming to the United States. Throughout much of the 20th century, Mexican Americans were limited to the less desirable, low-wage jobs; duel labor markets have been common (Santos, July). However, affirmative action took place when minority groups were given equal opportunities to get jobs and advance in careers. They also faced discrimination in many forms. One of these is redlining.
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Ethics and discrimination eth125(final) - Running head:...

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