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Running head: THE OFFICIAL LANGUAGE MOVEMENT 1 The Official Language Movement ETH 125
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THE OFFICIAL LANGUAGE MOVEMENT 2 The Official Language Movement When researching the topics of bilingualism in education and politics, I have found many different points of views. One article that I found to be very interesting is “The Pros and Cons of Bilingual Education.” The article, written by Werner Hass, states that bilingual education needs to be repaired, not replaced (Hass, 2007). The author also states that in 1998 California put the issue of bilingualism in schools up to the voters, Pro. 277, this passes by a margin of 61% to 39%. However, there are still people who think it is still necessary to bring children who are not proficient in English up to speed. Although their opponents believe that allowing these students to speak their native language hinders them from learning English. Another article that I found, written by the Associated Press, was concerning bilingualism in politics. The House supported bilingual ballots in 31 states.
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eth125TheOfficialLanguageMovement - Running head THE...

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