Eth125 Final Discussion Question

Eth125 Final Discussion Question - and institutional...

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Running head: CAPSTONE CHECKPOINT 1 Capstone Checkpoint ETH 125
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CAPSTONE CHECKPOINT 2 Capstone Checkpoint The information about Muslims and Arabs in the United States has helped me better understand the difference between these groups and how Muslims are a religious group while Arabs are an ethnic group. I have also learned the hardships that they face on a daily basis, especially after 9-11. People stereotype them because of their skin color and do not know them as people. Not all Muslims or Arabs are terrorist. I have also learned new things about my own cultural history. I learned that Mexican Americans face prejudice and racism, such as redlining
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Unformatted text preview: and institutional discrimination. I believe that in the year 2050 the face of the United States will look like a multi-racial person. More and more people are mixed with other races and ethnic groups; it is also becoming more common to see bi-racial relationships, which in turn will produce multi-racial children. Our country can best prepare for the changing race and ethnicity of its current and future citizens by embracing it. As we discussed in our class forum, this is already beginning, our President is multi-racial and I believe as time goes by people will begin to embrace it....
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Eth125 Final Discussion Question - and institutional...

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