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Crt 205 Argument Validity Week 7

Crt 205 Argument Validity Week 7 - reasonable doubt(the key...

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Crt 205 Exercise 7-9 Argument Validity 2. (c) Possibly true. Although the average annual rainfall is twenty-three inches, that does not mean that next year will be average. There could be more or less than average rain in California’s north valley. 3. (b) Probably true. The speaker makes valid points arguing against good fuel economy i.e. the vehicle having a V8 engine, the vehicle is old, and it needs an overhaul. 4. (c) Possibly true. While in the last three of the four presidential races the winner was not a Republican that does not mean that the next race’s winner will not be a Republican. 6. (a) True beyond a reasonable doubt . It only takes one person to purchase and use a cell phone for there to be more cell phones in use than the prior year; the odds of this not happening are astronomical therefore it is true beyond a
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Unformatted text preview: reasonable doubt (the key word being reasonable). 7. (b) Probably true. While there can be other variables taken into consideration there are not enough concrete variables to swing this to either true beyond a reasonable doubt or possibly true. 8. (c) Possibly true. While it’s not confirmed exactly how much plastic surgery Jackson has had, it is doubtful that no one in California has had more than him. 10. (b) Probably true. While you can compare different variables such as the presence of speakeasies was a fraction compared to the current drug and drug trafficking empire, the results are still fairly straightforward. 11. (b) Probably true. The kid has a reputation for being late delivering the paper, so he or she might just be late. However, the kid might have quit, or might be sick....
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