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Checkpoint, Universitylibrary article gen105 - Do. The...

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Checkpoint: University Library Article Search GEN/105 The first search that I did was on “distance learning.” I used the Boolean strategy and also checked off Peer Reviewed Article. The EBSCOhost database chose many articles of relevance to my search. I chose the article titled “Distance Learning” in the Encyclopedia Britannica Online, I have cited my references at the bottom of the page. This article is about the physical separation of teachers and students during instruction. It also tells us how distance learning focuses on “non-traditional” students that either are unable or choose not to attend classroom lectures. The second search that I did was on “Time Management AND College Students.” I used the ProQuest database, and chose to include Peer Reviewed Articles. The title of the article was “Real Fears of Incoming First-Year College Students: What Parents Can
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Unformatted text preview: Do. The articles authors are Mary Kay Shanley and Julia Johnson. It discussed three main fears that college students may have, which included: What if I dont have what it takes?, What if I cant find friends like me?, and Do I have to party hard? Each fear gave parents an insightful answer to help there first-year college students overcome these fears. It also shows how students can overcome there fears and learn time management skills by joining extracurricular activities, such as debate, music, theater, or sports. This was a very enlightening article that I believe all parents of first-year college students should read. References: Distance learning (2010). In Encyclopedia Britannica. Retrieved June 24, 2010, from Encyclopedia Britannica Online: Parenting for High Potential . Washington: March 2009 . pg. 15, 4 pgs...
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Checkpoint, Universitylibrary article gen105 - Do. The...

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