BUS 210 Code of Ethics - decisions to distribute benefit...

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Running head: CODE OF ETHICS 1 Code of Ethics
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CODE OF ETHICS 2 Code of Ethics After carefully reading Chapter 5 of Introduction to Business, I know that when making business decisions, managers must consider all of the firm’s stakeholders. The best way to do this is to use four ethical rules or principles to analyze the effects of their business decisions on stakeholders: utilitarian, moral rights, justice , and practical rules. If I were to start my own company I will describe my ethical code of my company in the following way: First I would use the utilitarian rule to make ethical decisions that produce the greatest good for the greatest number of people. Second I would use the moral rights rule to make ethical decisions that best maintains and protects the rights of people who would be affected by it. Third, I would use the justice rule to make ethical
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Unformatted text preview: decisions to distribute benefit and harm among people and groups in a fair way. If employees had similar skills, performance, and responsibility, they would receive the same pay. The last rule that I would use is the practical rule. This is a rule that an ethical decision is one that I would have no hesitation about communicating to society. I would consider each decision, and ask myself would I want this to be on the news, is every ones best interest in mind, what my friends and family would think about this decision. I selected each of these rules because they make up the best ethical business plan. If I left out any of these I would not be considering all of my firm’s stakeholders....
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BUS 210 Code of Ethics - decisions to distribute benefit...

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