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Bus 210 Appendix C The Four Functions of Management Description of Event I hosted a baby shower for my sister. In the table below, categorize your actions during the event under each of the four functions of management. Planning Organizing I made a list of the people whom I was going to invite. I rented a hotel room for the event. Then I planned the games and the food that would be served. I helped my sister register at Target for the items she wanted when the baby arrived. I sent out the invitations and followed up with all guest. I organized with the caterers regarding which food would be served during different times throughout the event. I organized the hotel room by putting up decorations.
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Unformatted text preview: Leading Controlling Once my sister and the guest started to arrive, I gave each of them a clothes pin, this clothes pin is for a game that I had planned for later in the party. I had each guest sign into the guest book. The caterers served the food in the order that I had previously planned. We played the games I had planned. My sister opened her presents that the guest brought. The party was a success. Everyone had a great time and my sister was relieved that she had all the items she needed before the baby was born. The games and food were successful. Overall the baby shower was very well planned and organized. BUS 210...
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