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bus210 BusinessModelsandSystems - occupation Starbucks is...

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Running head: BUSINESS MODELS AND SYSTEMS 1 Business Models and Systems
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BUSINESS MODELS AND SYSTEMS 2 Business Models and Systems A local business that I frequently use is Starbucks; it is just around the corner from my house and after dropping my daughter off at school I very much enjoy going there and buying a freshly prepared cup of coffee. The environment there is very friendly and inviting. The main components of this company’s business model are: business commerce, business occupation, and business organization. I will describe each in this paper. The first component is business commerce; Starbucks is selling coffee and coffee products for a profit. They also sell coffee machines and food. The second component is business
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Unformatted text preview: occupation; Starbucks is providing a service for a profit. They are providing the service of enjoyable, high quality beverages. The third component is business organization; Starbucks pays their employees to work for them. This is one the most important component because without the employees there to sell the products the company would not be able to make any money. Each component mentioned above makes the company’s business model. They each serve as an important role in the business because without any one of them the company would not survive....
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bus210 BusinessModelsandSystems - occupation Starbucks is...

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