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BUS 210 Week 7 DQ #1 Alternative Answer There are many ways that a company can motivate its employees. Consider the different types of pay and benefits. Explain how a business can create a productive and motivating work environment. Many companies are looking for ways to keep their employees motivated and focused. One way is to create motivating work. Here’s a story of two guys working for a trash collection company. One guy thinks he is just a trash collector while the other guy knows he is keeping
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Unformatted text preview: the environment healthy for his kids’ future. Another way to keep employees motivated is to reward them. Rewarding employees for going above and beyond is important. It states that the employer cares and is thankful for their hard work. Another way to create productive and motivated work environment is to not micromanage. Managers need to show that he/she is interested in the work and that they can be trusted to make their own decisions....
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