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BUS 210 Week 5 DQ #2 Alternative Answer

BUS 210 Week 5 DQ #2 Alternative Answer - something that...

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BUS 210 Week 5 DQ #2 Alternative Answer How do effective leaders communicate persuasively? Describe and provide examples of how a leader you know has been an effective and persuasive communicator. I feel one of the main ingredients to communicating effectively is to be passionate and believe in what you are communicating. My district manager does a great job at getting individuals to achieving goals or understanding
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Unformatted text preview: something that you may not initially agree with. His passion with his words make you believe in what he is saying and he loves hearing what you have to say and gives great advice and feedback. He does not use the word I, he always uses we or us even if he is not the one to blame for a situation....
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