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BUS 210 Week 5 DQ #2 How do effective leaders communicate persuasively? Describe and provide examples of how a leader you know has been an effective and persuasive communicator. Effective leaders communicate persuasively by first letting the person or group understand their objectives then getting them to agree and work with them towards the objective. Effective leaders do this by being a credible leader and having good speaking and listening skills. The will often invite questions to clarify issues and generate interest and support. A leader that I know that has been an effective and persuasive communicator is my old boss. I worked for a cell phone company as a retail sales representative, we always had goals and quotas to meet in order to receive our commission. But this in particular manager did things a little differently,
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Unformatted text preview: every morning we would have a team meeting where he would let each of us know where we stood towards meeting our goal and where the store stood as well. (Step one getting us to understand his objective) Then he would offer incentives, for instance the first person to sell a family plan, or who ever sells the most add on features would win something. Normally it was something we all wanted, like first pick of what day we would have off, or a free phone or something. This started some healthy competition and it worked. He persuaded us to go above and beyond our duties, this did not just benefit him, but us as well, we were commissioned employees, we received a percent off everything we sold....
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