%ages - For latex paints, deduct 10% materials Drywall...

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Vapor barier 10% House wrap 10% Built Up Roof Systems 10% Everything else is 5% for galvanizing, add 15% material Plaster and gypsum board: Lath 5% waste + extra 1’ for each miter or stop Suspended ceiling system: Calculate S.F. / Deduct for major openings and add 8-10% for waste Resilient flooring by S.F. w/ a pattern use a large waste factor of 30% Wall finishes when theres a pattern 25-30% waste 2% of building cost for hardware
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Unformatted text preview: For latex paints, deduct 10% materials Drywall & Interior Walls is estimated by S.F. + 5% waste-No deductions for doors or window opening under 32 S.F. Drywall Taping is done by S.F. Drywall common width is 5/8 Flooring Tile: Mud set is 30% more expensive then thin set Wood flooring is estimated by S.F. Resilient flooring is taken off by S.F. + waste Carpet: Square yard or square foot...
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