05-Bresenham Algorithm

05-Bresenham Algorithm - Drawing Lines The Bresenham...

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Drawing Lines – The Bresenham Algorithm Graphics Tutorial By Hexar Introduction A line segment is defined by an infinite set of points which lie between two points; these points have no area. A problem occurs, however, when drawing lines on a computer screen, namely that we have to approximate the line with pixels which are not infinitely small, and which are limited to fixed positions based on the screen resolution. Problem It’s relatively easy to create an algorithm to generate the set of points which approximate a line based on some floating point math: void draw_line(int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2) { int dx = x2 – x1; int dy = y2 – y1; float m = dy/dx; for (int x = x1; x < x2; x++) { int y = m*x + y1 + 0.5; putpixel(x, y); } } Figure 1. Floating-point line-drawing algorithm This algorithm, of course, relies on some assumptions such as: Non-infinite slope x1 < x2 y1 < y2 But, for the most part, it works. So what’s the problem? Any hardcore game- programmer will tell you: Speed. The Bresenham / Midpoint Algorithm is a solution that not only correctly picks these same points, it does it with integer math only, which results in a big speed improvement.
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Approximating Pixels Let’s say we want to draw a line between two points, and that we will always draw pixels on the endpoints. Let us assume that the slope m follows 1 0 m , and that x1 < x2. Figure 2. Selecting pixels based on midpoints
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05-Bresenham Algorithm - Drawing Lines The Bresenham...

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