Bear, Acct 425, Assignment 8-2

Bear, Acct 425, Assignment 8-2 - Cust-ship Finished...

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stock flow1 reser-vation1 propo-sition duality1 fulfill-ment2 fulfill-ment1 Acct# Ca-Loc CR-ID Date Cust-ID Cust-name Cat-ID ShipID SO-ID SO-date SC-ID Sc-date stock flow2 parti-cipate1 Parti-cipate2 parti-cipate3 parti-cipate5 parti-cipate4 parti-cipate6 parti-cipate7 parti-cipate8
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Unformatted text preview: Cust-ship Finished Computer Typifi-cation CompuID Assemb date ActSP Ship-date Cr-Chk# Sale-amt AcctBal CrAmt assign-ment Cat-desc Ord sp List-price Prop sp Cashier Employee Emp-ID Emp-name Emp-type Bear, Acct 425, 8-2 A1....
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