Bear, Acct 425, Assignment 7-1

Bear, Acct 425, Assignment 7-1 - Bear Acct 425 7-1 D1...

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Bear, Acct 425, 7-1 D1. Describe at least two sales/collection process information needs for each of the following: a. Management – A manager may need a couple of information needs which include which inventory types increase and decrease with certain events or what selling price was charged for an inventory type on a specific sale return event. b. Marketing – A marketing representative might need to know what inventory items generate the most sales and which ones generate the least sales so they know what products are worth marketing. They may also want to know what major sale events bring in the most profits and which bring in the least. They may need to up the advertising on some sales so they can raise profits. c. Finance and accounting – Information needs that a finance of accounting may ask include what the total dollar value of accountant’s receivable is for a specific customer at a point in time or what sales orders are partially filled. d. Human resource – Information needs that may be needed by the human resource department might be detailed status information about each employee at different points
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Bear, Acct 425, Assignment 7-1 - Bear Acct 425 7-1 D1...

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