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Bear, ACCT 425, 6-2 D1. What are the advantages (and/or disadvantages) of SQL compared to relational algebra? One advantage of SQL compared to relational algebra is that SQL also known as Structured Query Language was developed to be able to perform multiple operations in a single query whereas in relational algebra if you did not accomplish a projection and a selection in the same query you would be required to create two queries to come up with your correct answer. The second advantage of SQL over relational algebra is that in relational algebra the users had to learn many different syntax for each of the various relational algebra operators but with SQL the users only have to learn three predefined syntax; select, from, and where. A Third advantage is that the Structured Query Language is easier to formulate then
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Unformatted text preview: relational algebra and has been established as a standard in the business world where relational algebra has not. D2. What are the advantages (and/or disadvantages) of QBE compared to SQL? One advantage of QBE over SQL is that with QBE the user doesn’t need to learn any SQL codes to generate a useful query. Another advantage of a QBE query also known as Query by Example is that it is easy for the user to create a query because it is more of a point and click application. One disadvantage of the QBE is that the user must understand exactly what the different elements of the QBE interface accomplish because if you do not ask the right questions you will not receive the right answer and it is possible that you may not even know that you have the wrong answer....
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