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Acct 425, Bear, Assignment 2-2

Acct 425, Bear, Assignment 2-2 - Librarian is responsible...

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Bear, Acct 425, 2-2 Library Object Model Things you would expect to find in a library…. Librarian Computer Books Magazines Chairs Desk Computers Card Catalog Movies Students Teachers Students researching Newspapers Shelves Workers Help desk Year books Ladders Reading Writing Doing homework Relationships between these objects you would expect to find in a library Students check out books Students read magazines Students research articles on the computers Teachers speaking to a librarian Student looking through card catalog to find a certain book
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Unformatted text preview: Librarian is responsible for keeping the card catalog in order Student rent movies Books are stored on shelves Librarian uses computer Student sit in chairs Librarian checks out books for student Workers at help desk answer student’s questions Student’s pictures are on the yearbooks Computer holds old newspaper copies Ladders used to reach books on top shelves Student doing homework Students writing papers...
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