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Acct 425, Bear, Assignment 2-1

Acct 425, Bear, Assignment 2-1 - D1 If only enterprises...

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D1. If only enterprises that truly create value survive, how to tobacco companies stay in business? How do illegal drug markets survive? Tobacco companies and illegal drug markets are not positive business ideas but for some people they are still a way to make money. Unhealthy and illegal business are in some peoples opinion unnecessary and useless but many people still purchase items and products from tobacco companies and illegal drug markets therefore they still provide value to their customers. As long as an item is in demand and people purchase it on a regular basis there will always be steady income coming in and purchasing product, and paying employees. So no matter how illegal or unhealthy may be it is still a business and as long as the business processes are effective they businesses will continue to survive. D2. Do some events occur outside enterprise boundaries? Should information system designers focus on events that lie beyond an enterprise’s boundaries? Yes sometimes there are many different events that occur outside enterprises boundaries. Information system designers should focus on these events that lay beyond the enterprises boundaries as they can help provide possible value for a firm. System designers should look at the industry as a whole, including the suppliers, the customers and all the other parties that affect performance and profit. In today’s business
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